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Building an AK-47 from a kit

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Building an AK-47 From a piece of flat steel metal stock and a surplus parts kit
Home Gunsmiths: Make your own custom built AK-47 rifle.
Step-by-step video of the entire process.

This is not a “assembly/disassembly” video; This video shows exactly how to make an AK-47 rifle out of a simple piece of flat stock:
If you have ever wanted to know how to do it yourself, then read on.

Watch how an average Joe can make or customize an AK-47 in his own home using inexpensive basic tools like an angle grinder, dremmel tool and hand files. Think you can't do it? Not true you can and this video will show you how.......

Here’s what you’re going to see:
· Tool selection
· Templates layouts for the side flats
· Measurements
· modifying the trunyon
· fitting the parts kit to your new receiver
· Applying the finish
· 1000 round torture test (test firing)
· Every step of the process from "hunk of metal" all the way to "Finished shooter" caught on video
· much much more.......nearly 4 hours of video

You learn by watching. Training is as easy as pressing PLAY on your DVD player! In the enclosed videos, I take you though the entire Process step-by-step.




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