The Concept

Here is a brief explanation of the concept behind RCG-TV and how it all came to be.....


The idea to create and produce an internet television show for Home Gunsmiths was quite an interesting one. The initial idea came from a few of the members on the Website Forum area that suggested the idea of having a live webcam installed in the workshop of my old garage. As with most things that are suggested in the forums, I gave it serious consideration. I want to supply the information and projects in whatever manner the visitors want to see it in (I try hard to do what you ask hahaha).

The original "live webcam" idea was very good, but it had a lot of pitfalls that I found as soon as I began to research the viability of making it a reality. The biggest problem (and the first obstacle) was the bandwidth of my server. If I tried to host any sort of live video feeds, the server would have bogged down to a crawl any time that 3 or more people logged on to watch. I thought that it was possible that I would have (eventually) several hundred viewers at any given the live webcam idea was a pipe dream based on my current server and internet connection. I would have needed to do a massive (spelled expensive) upgrade to the server hardware as well as having several T-1 lines installed. The cost was WAY beyond my means.

The next problem I saw (even if you ingore the bandwidth problem) was the "Time/Schedule" issue.....the live webcam idea calls for strict adherence to the clock.....this is true for both myself and for any potential viewers of the show. Since this is a hobby for me, I didn't want to lock myself into a set time that I absolutely HAD to be in the workshop. My wife may want to go on vacation some day hahaha.....It also locks the viewer into a set time that they MUST be in front of the computer. The time issue would have most certainly caused problems for a large number of viewers that would otherwise be able to enjoy the programs. (what if you were busy, or out to dinner?)

The other problem I could see was the "Quality" issue. If I just used a webcam and sent everything out live over the web, I would be limited in what I could do as well as having the overall look of the show being VERY amateur. All my mistakes, bathroom breaks flub-ups etc.. would be going out over the web and wasting everyone elses time. I always try to do the best I can do (personally) with every new idea that comes along. I would hate to have done 3 shows and then have everyone stop watching simply because it sucks and looks too amateur to be useful (although probably funny). now you know the pitfalls and problems with the idea....but it was still a heck of a good idea, and something I wanted to do. I found the answer to ALL the above problems in the form of a "Non-Live" broadcast instead of a live one. I could shoot the footage, edit out the "crap" and serve it up in digestible pieces that could be viewed (and produced) at my leisure. This also meant that once an episode was finished and ready for broadcast....I could send it to someone elses server and use their bandwidth instead of taxing my little server. I would just post a link to that server and allow the videos to stream off of a professional streaming service computer that was made just for that purpose. It also allowed me to live a normal life and not be tied to a deadline.....I could shoot and edit several episodes ahead of time, and then just feed them out at one week intervals. This would allow me to go on vacation, out to dinner etc.....It also means that the viewers could watch the show anytime they want to over a two week could even go back and re-watch it if you wanted to.

Well, that takes care of the mechanics of the idea, but there was a LOT more to think about. Stuff like.......

Content:  What will the shows contain
Equipment:  What do I use to capture and edit the shows
Cost:  How much is all this gonna set me back
Experience:  I have no idea what I'm doing here
Audience:  Will anyone even watch the darn thing
Duration:  How long will I be able to produce such a show

As well as a hundred other questions that I had no answers in true PvtRyan fashion, I took a deep breath and dove head first into the idea.......we'll see where it leads, but it should be a fun ride hahahaha.......

Now you know the origin of the concept. Check the other sections of the "Studio" to find out how we are progressing and what I'm learning about being an Internet TV producer.