Here is a breakdown of the equipment used to produce the RCG-TV shows. Everything you want to know about the cameras, sound, lights and editing that goes on behind the scenes.




Well the first season was sort of a test. A way to explore the idea of an internet TV Show but without having to lay out a ton of cash. So the first season was shot entirely on a single Sony TRV-240 digital8 camcorder. The same kind you can find at BestBuy for under 600 bucks. It was (and still is) a VERY nice camera and it takes amazing video, but alas.......I realized that if I was going to do a professional job on season 2 then I would need a professional camera. I also found out very quickly that as soon as I step out of my garage and into the real world, nobody takes me seriously if I am armed with a small consumer grade camera. So I started researching my options.

By the time season 2 was ready for principal shooting, the camera fleet had grown from 1 little camcorder, to a fleet of 5. Here are the members and their uses.


Click on the picture or name for a description.

Sony TRV-240 Digital8
Samsung SCD-23 Mini-DV
Canon XL-1 Mini-DV 3 chip (2)
JVC GY-DV500U Professional Mini-DV Broadcast

Sound Equipment

I learned about the importance of sound the hard way. I had neglected the audio aspects of the show for the first half of Season one, and so I had a lot of making-up to do in order to get the audio content up to par.