Become a RCG-TV Field Reporter

You may or may not want to carry a rifle for freedom...
But you should be willing to carry a camcorder!

I'd love to have you join me......and now you can. It's easy and FREE. Just fill out the application form and send a good clear photo of yourself. You'll get a Genuine Press Pass ID sent to you in about 3 weeks. Then just go out and shoot your footage, submit a write-up, article or Photo and we'll review it and get you "On the Air". It's that simple.

Sample of Identification card.......


You may order the press ID card and never write an article or submit a video tape. There are no writing requirements for freelance field reporters. We would like to see your stories, but again, it is not required.

One of the best things about having a press pass is that you are treated like a real human being again!

How would you like to have a pass you could flash in a restaurant, hotel, or at an important event and suddenly you´re treated like a VIP? You're ushered to the best table, you're given the best room, you're upgraded to first class... You've seen this happen... Perhaps it's happened to you once or twice. Remember how good it felt to receive that special treatment, to get that good deal... OK, what if you could obtain that treatment all the time?...
All you need is a PRESS PASS!!

This very impressive Press Pass is issued by RCG-TV. The freelance holder of an RCG-TV Press Pass is authorized to investigate and report on all newsworthy events, incidents and matters. This Press Pass may also be used for identification purposes. Should it ever become necessary, the phone number of the RCG-TV News office is imprinted on the reverse side for any interested party to verify your credentials. The Editor-in-Chief signs the Press Pass.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press."

Think of the possibilities. As an official Press Correspondent, you will be able to attend many newsworthy events and report on them. If you have ever dreamed of being an Official Press Correspondent, here is your chance!

With a Press Pass you never have to pay to enter an exhibition, concert or trade fair worldwide. Did you know that in Press Office lounges at trade fairs and exhibitions, they provide free refreshments and often the use of telephones and faxes to members of the press? No car parking fees or entry lines! You are a VIP!

You get free entry to concerts and sporting events. Hotels and resorts often provide you with free accommodations. A genuine Press Pass will open many doors and provide many advantages to you as a traveler or even at home.

Have you ever been to a function and found yourself in a long slow-moving line waiting to pay for your ticket? While waiting you notice a few other people who look just like you - but not dressed as well - are ushered in through a VIP entrance. No waiting and no entrance fee!

The RCG-TV Press Pass is valid for a full two (2) years, and includes:

• (1) 4" x 2.5" Plastic Laminated card.
• Live phone verification of credentials (10a-5p EST M-F except holidays)
• Hi-quality full-color custom artwork with a professional appearance
• Anti-forgery features like serial numbers and photo overprinting

RCG-TV will take any news story in any format (video, audio, pictures or e-mail text) and review it for posting on this web site. We will convert video to allow for Internet streaming from this site. There is never a charge for this - we provide this service free of charge as a RCG-TV Independent Freelance Press Correspondent.

You retain all copyright to your item, but we require a non-exclusive license to the material in order to place it on our media outlets. This means that you can give away or sell your story to other media outlets without causing a conflict with RCG-TV. RCG-TV does not pay for stories, but if you are interested in becoming a journalist its a great way to get your foot in the door.

We have only four restrictions:

1) No Pornography (Nudity is OK, but you must let us know)
2) No Sales (no 1-800 #'s or sales pitches)
3) No Profanity (Some is OK, but again, let us know)
4) No calls to action or illegal activities (ie: "go picket the court house" or slandering someone)

Other than that, you can talk about and cover any story, it does not have to be Home Smithing related or even fall in line with any other material we have on the site. Basically, anything you think is important enough to report on. Including book or film reviews, range reviews, consumer issues, legal issues, Patriotic issues, ammo tests - basically anything of interest to YOU!

For an order form, click here

You will need to send the order form and a passport style-photo to:

14732 Bellamy Rd
Tampa, FL  33625

Allow 3-5 weeks for delivery.