The Studio

 This page will explain some of the basic equipment and construction used in the actual studio we use for taping most of the footage for the show.

The studio building itself is a 14 x 30 pre-fabricated building we bought as a "shell". It had no internal wiring or wall covering, just bare stud walls. This allowed me to design the wiring and the floorplan layout from scratch to make the best use of space.

The layout called for a prop storage area in the end of the building that would be about 14 x 7 as well as a control room and a main area used as the sound stage. Below is a layout drawing of the floorplan for our little production studio.

The prop storage area has large double doors to allow big set pieces to be stored inside. The storage area is not air conditioned and there is no door or opening that joins the two sides. The control room and the main floor are both air conditioned and the control booth is sound dead for very quite voice-overs and other audio work. The entire structure is fed by underground 120/240 Volt electric and carries a full 100 Amp service breaker. That's a LOT of juice for such a small building. I used all the breakers on the 24 circuit box and fed each outlet with it's own straight run back to the box. We basically just went crazy and stuck electrical outlets EVERYWHERE baby !!.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the control booth . You can see the NLE editing computer and the Linear mixer controls. We also have a sound board and video duplication equipment. All video and audio is fed from the live cameras on the main floor into the control booth via video outlet jack that are scatered about the main floor. The jacks terminate inside the control booth on a patch panel. The panel works like a switchboard operator so wires can be plugged into any source camera and/or sound source. This allows us to have 2 way cabling to either feed or send out video from any camera, tape deck or computer to any other source in the whole studio.

NLE computer and video feed jacks shown on the wall.....

Preview monitors and mixer/switch with master edit deck shown on the shelf.....

Another view showing the duplication center (6 VCR's) along the left side of the frame..

The viewing window that overlooks the main floor. The director can see the whole production area from inside the booth....