Broadcast types defined

This page will explain the different types of broadcasts that are planned for the 2002 season. This is only a preliminary definition of the programming. The actual formats may change after the first half of the season, depending upon viewer feedback. The two types of broadcasts that are scheduled to air are:

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Normal weekly show

Live interactive show

Special Coverage shows

Here is a picture of the RCG-TV Editing studio where all our shows are edited and encoded for broadcast. It takes about 10 hours to create a 30 minute show.









Normal weekly show:

Setting: The workshop

Duration: 30 minutes

I plan to do a weekly telecast on Sundays at 9:00pm EST. This will be a pre-recorded and fully edited episode, that outlines the steps and highlights that have been presented in the write-ups and details from each weeks work. This format will allow you to see the steps that you read about during the week being performed in a "T.V. Show" type of format. with background music, voiceovers and special effects. The Normal weekly shows will be shot throughout the process and will be edited and encoded on Saturdays for broadcast on Sunday evening. The Normal shows will be recorded and archived (for 2 weeks) so you can view them at any time, and catch up on missed episodes. At the end of the season, the entire collection will be available as boxed sets on multiple DVD's or VHS tapes. (approximately 8 episodes)


Live interactive show: (tentative....not firmed up yet)

Setting: Command Central

Duration: 60 minutes

The live shows will differ from the normal weekly shows and will be broadcast at a rate of about 2 shows per month (on Wednesday's at 10:00pm EST). These shows will be shot with live streaming video and will not be edited. The main different is that the live shows will allow you (the viewer) to type in a question or comment via the chat client. I can then read what you have typed and will be able to respond live to your questions and comments. I will not be typing I will be speaking and you can hear my voice live. This type of show will allow us to clear up any parts of the project that I didn't cover in enough detail. I will always have the latest project with me on the set so I can use it to demonstrate and as a reference. Guest appearances by other Home/Garage smiths and reloaders are also scheduled. I already have one special guest scheduled for the second live telecast (it's a secret). The live shows will NOT be added to the archive, so you will need to be at the computer during the telecast in order to see them.


Special Coverage:

Setting: Where the action is

Duration: 30 minutes

From time to time the RCG-TV crew will head out in search of interesting events, shows, meetings etc.. That may be of interest to the Garage Gunsmithing community. These "Special Coverage" shows will be intermingled with the regular season programming and should help to spice things up and keep it new and exciting. The special coverage shows will also allow us to do interviews and How-To's with other garage gunsmiths from around the country. An announcement will be made in advance of where and when the RCG-TV crew will be taping, so you can drop in on the event and say howdy.