About this website.....Why is it here?

The original text of this "About Page" has been left unmodified. It acts as an informal mission statement to let everyone know what this site is all about. 

Since the writing of my about page, I have continued on and experienced even more adventures in the garage. If you are new to the site, I recommend reading it in chronological order.

**** Here's a Tip ****

The projects are done one at a time and I learn so much with each new step in the evolution. It's like an odyssey that takes the reader through the steps I have gone through to get to where I am now.......don't short-change yourself by skipping ahead to the later projects.......you will get a lot more laughs if you go through everything  chronologically. That's the way the site was intended to be read (in real-time). If you didn't happen to stumble across this little neighborhood in CyberSpace until later in the game......don't worry. I saved the worm for you hahahaha.....

Original Text follows...........(as written in July 2001)

I created this web site to share with the world my love for the Colt 1911 and my hobby of Gunsmithing. I originally got the idea from C. Williams after visiting his excellent site.

I recently decided to take the plunge and get myself into some "serious" hobby smithing by purchasing a matched pair of Argentine 1927 Sistema 45's. I wanted to take a pair of stone cold mil-spec shooters and completely customize every aspect of the guns to my personal taste by doing ALL the work myself.

Oh and here's the kicker. Not only have I never done anything like this before, but I don't even have any of the tools needed.....haha so it should be a lot of fun to follow along as I feel my way through all the choices and trials of going from A to Z all by myself.

Hang on to your hat and follow along with me as we:

Decide what to do to the Sistemas:

Heres what I'd like to do. I'll be posting TONS of photos as we go.

  Install new front and rear sights (I hate the mil-spec ones)
  Install and blend a new High hold beavertail grip safety
  Perform a complete 4lb trigger job
  Bevel the magazine well and install a blended S & A mag well funnel
  Hand checker the frontstrap to 20 LPI
  Add front cocking serrations to the slide
  Lower and flare the ejection port
  Polish the feedramp
  Accuracy work
  Reliability work
  and....anything else I decide to do to them

Choose and purchase all our tools:

I only have basic hand tools (and not smithing specific ones either) so we will be getting everything we need pretty much from ground zero. Oh yeah, and I need to learn to use them too. I'm ordering the following tools (not a complete list). Lots of pictures will be forthcoming.

  Milling machine
  Bead Blaster
  Stoning jigs
  Checkering Jig
  file sets
  Mill vise
  end mills and cutters
  polishing tools and bits
  Parkerizing system
  Airbrush system
  and...many many many other things as they become needed.


Learn how to use the tools

I'll be documenting all the pitfalls and failures so others looking to get into smithing can avoid the same mistakes....should be fun. I'll include TONS of pictures.


So basically that's the whole point in creating this site. So we can make the journey together. I have added a forum section so we can all chat back and forth, and also so the more experienced Gunsmiths can jump in with advise or warnings. Check back from time to time because this is an ongoing project. I'll add new stuff as the project progresses. For now, you can check the Progress page to see where we are at the moment.


Thanks for stopping by:
(July 17, 2001)

Roderus :)
aka: PvtRyan

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