American Garage Smithing Network

What the heck is that?

Here is a concept that you may like....

The American Garage Smithing Network is a collection of home/hobby smiths that offer their tools, machines and hands to help other home smiths that maybe don't have all the cool toys to play with. Here is the Idea:

Let's suppose that you are an apartment dweller and have no room to install a Bridgeport mill. Or maybe you just don't have the money to buy your own lathe.....well that's where the AGSN comes can get your 80% casting (or whatever) and then contact an AGSN member in your area. Set up a time and date and then go hang out together and use each others tools. Some of the AGSN members even hold scheduled workshops so you can meet with a bunch of other folks too (maybe a BBQ would be in order huh?)

The AGSN is a network of volunteers from all over the country that share your love of tinkering. These kind souls have certain tools, machines or experience to share. They ask for nothing in return....just a fun weekend or evening and a chance to meet some new friends.

EXAMPLE: --- look up the city and state that is closest to you, and see what is available. The AGSN member will list the tools that he/she is willing to share as well as an e-mail address so you can ask (pretty please hahaha). The two of you would then set up a date and have fun......(perhaps there would be beer involved after the work is done??)

If you would like to join the AGSN....please post a listing in this forum. Include your screen name (or real name), your city and state, e-mail address and what you would be willing to share.

Go check out the listings and find a AGSN member near you.

So Far there are members in:

New Hampshire
New York
North Carolina
Virgin Islands (St, Croix)

The list is growing every day.........join in the fun and help each other. That's what our country was founded on.