Final Thoughts

Well folks, we did it. We took a "box-stock" set of old Sistemas and transformed them into a beautiful pair of precision shooters. These old 45's are about 60 years old already, but you sure wouldn't know it. If they are well cared for I bet they will still be around in 100 years. These babies will outlive us both. Who knows, maybe some day when I'm long gone some new owner will wind up with one of them in his hand and look down and see my logo. I bet he'll wonder "Who the heck is this gunsmith? Never heard of him before". Oh well, I can dream can't I ?

It's been a wonderful ride. I've learned so much and gotten a lot out this little project of ours. I'd like to thank all of you that have followed along with me and spent the long nights in the garage by my side. It feels like I've had your company throughout the project, and that has added to my enjoyment.

I spent the day cleaning and storing all the shop tools, and I have to admit it made me a little I carefully cleaned the metal shavings off the mill and applied a new clean coat of grease to all the surfaces. I emptied out all the glass beads and installed a new crystal clear shield on the cabinet window. Wiped down all the benches, swept up the floor and put everything in it's place for storage. While I was doing all this my wife came out into the garage and sat with me as I did my little tasks. We talked about how nice the guns turned out, and we laughed about the time I stayed up all night building cabinets. She reminded me about the day she came home and found gun parts baking in her oven, and about how ridiculous I looked with all that duct tape wrapped around my fingers when I did the checkering. 

When I finally finished cleaning up, we turned and went back in the house. As I stepped into the house and turned to switch off the light, my wife said something that kind of sums it all up......................

"Ladies and gentlemen, PvtRyan has left the building" ............... Until next time