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Colt 1911 Customization Volume 1

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Home Gunsmiths: Make your own customized 1911.
Step-by-step instructions with TONS of photos.


This is not a “assembly/disassembly” CD; This Disk shows exactly how to do your own custom work on a  1911 pistol in your own home using your own tools:
If you have ever wanted to know how to do it yourself, then read on.

Watch how an average Joe can customize a 1911 easily and inexpensively in his own home using inexpensive machine tools like the Grizzly mini-mill and a dremmel tool. Think you can't do it? Not true you can and this disk will show you how.......

Here’s a sample of what you’re going to see:
- Colt 1911 Custom touches
- checking front straps
- cocking serrations
- V-type barrel porting
- installing a beaver tail grip safety
- installing front and rear sights (dovetail and stake on)
- Parkerizing at home
- Bake-on finishes
- Trigger Jobs
- Lower and flare ejection port
- Frame/Slide lapping
- Jeweling
- much, much more......

All the custom touches you have always wanted to know about .

You learn by following along.  I take you though the entire Process step-by-step.

The CD includes:

The CD's are NOW shipping !!!

Hope you have enjoyed following along as much as I have enjoyed doing it. Much more to come so stick around......

The CD's are $22.50 TOTAL including shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. overseas orders will be a tiny bit extra for shipping (just the actual amount). No handling fees either. 

ALL proceeds go toward funding future projects. Thanks for your support. (buy several, they make great beer coasters, hahaha)

ALL proceeds go toward funding future projects. Thanks for your support.

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Happy Building!

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