ME (PvtRyan)            &      Mrs. Ryan (aka: CptRyan)


Well I guess this is where I give you a little background on who I am. So if you're interested here goes:

I'm not particularly gifted with tools or working with my hands but I certainly do enjoy it. I find it somehow soothing to lock myself away for a few hours in my little "shop" and put on some music and just relax.

I got my love of working with my hands from my Grandfather. He was quite an accomplished "hobby" carpenter and could make anything under the sun out of wood. I worked with him as a boy in his little wood shop and thus gained an affection for tools and for doing my own work.

I got my love of firearms from my father. He taught me how to shoot and enjoy firearms at the age of 8. Dad taught me more than just how to shoot, he also preached safety and maintenance (clean your guns son.) By the way.....I still have the very first gun my father ever gave me (a Stevens .22 rifle) and Dad if you're out there YES IT'S CLEAN....haha

With a background like this it's only natural that I would want to put the two together and work on my own firearms. I certainly hope you enjoy poking around this site. I'm sure you'll find something to laugh at as we go forward, and together we may even learn something about home gunsmithing.....

Thanks for visiting.