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Sistema Project

I'll post links to all the pictures and articles here on this page and try to keep everything easy to find. This page will act as the table of contents and the timeline for our whole project. If you don't know what project I'm referring to, please visit the About page for more info. You can keep track of the cost by looking for the little $$$ links scattered about. Or go directly to the tally page by clicking on the link "Show Me the Money"

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July 14 2001- received the second Sistema. We now have the two 1911's that will be modified. I took a nice picture of them and posted it as the main home page. This picture is gonna be the "Before" picture.  $$$ - details

July 17 2001 - Launched the web site. Ok today we went online.

July 18 2001 - Added the online Forums so we can stay in touch and chat with each other. Check it out....and don't be afraid to post. Forums

July 19 2001 - First shipment of parts arrived from CDNN investments.  - $$$ - details

July 19 2001 - Let's get this thing started !!! I got lets install something. - $$$ - details

 July 30 2001 - I received a large order of Parts and tools from Brownell's today. I think I now have what I need in order to fit the new beavertail grip safety's so let's get cracking. - $$$ - details

August 1 2001 - I'm going to try to strip the bluing off and beadblast the frames so they will be ready to refinish when the parkerizing fluid arrives in a few days. - details

August 7 2001 - I received the new trigger style gun nozzle for my beadblaster today. So let's finish the rest of the August 1st session. - details

August 8 2001 - The Parkerizing kit came in today so I decided to give it a try so they don't rust while waiting for the other de-greaser. - $$$ - details

August 24 2001 - The milling machine was just delivered this morning. I still need to unpack and set it up. Look for updates coming soon. We're back in business baby ! Here's a sneak peek.

August 27 2001 - Today I decided to apply the Bake-On finish to the frames.- $$$ - details

August 29 2001 - While I am waiting to get good with my Mill I decided to go ahead and fit the Barrel Bushings that I bought a while ago. They turned out great, see for yourself. - details

August 30 - Today I decided to go for it...come check out the first of my milling operations, as I lower the ejection ports on the two Sistemas. - details

August 31 - I continued where we left off yesterday, and flared the ejection ports. Now we have a nice little roll over notch for spent cartridges. - details

September 1 - First Range report. Today I went to the range and put the ladies through the paces to see how they would function. - details  (special thanks to Richard Singletary for his help today)

September 3 - Tonight I cut the front cocking serrations in the slide.- details

September 10 - It is finally time to install the new sights that I bought from Brownells. I really hate the mil-spec sights that they came with.- $$$details

September 13 - Today I decided to add a few stainless steel parts to the Sistemas to dress them up a bit, and to replace some of the original parts. So I'll call this section Puttin on the Ritz I also think this would be a good time to re-finish the slides - $$$details ( Special thanks to Tony G. for his donation !! )

September 18 - Today I decided to throat the barrels so they will reliably feed hollow points and other non-ball ammo. Click here to check out the - details

September 30 - Well, finally finished the front strap checkering. Sure turned out great, and I learned a lot. This is a long-winded section so get a cup of coffee and then check it out. - $$$ - details

October 18 - Time to try tackling that Trigger Job. I received the tools today so it's back to the garage to do some tuning - $$$ - details

October 23 - Time to finish the trigger jobs that I started a few days ago. - $$$ - details ( Special thanks to BlindHogg  for his input and help on this)

October 24 - Like any work of art, I want to sign my name to these masterpieces. Here is how I did it...- $$$ - details

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What's Next?

By popular demand I will be adding a "Second Project" to the website sometime in December. The second installment will follow my progress as I try to build a full custom 1911 out of an 80% frame casting.......should be interesting.