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I'll post links to all the pictures and articles here on this page and try to keep everything easy to find. This page will act as the table of contents and the timeline for our whole project. You can keep track of the cost by looking for the little $$$ links scattered about. Or go directly to the tally page by clicking on the link "Show Me the Money"

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December 3 - I finally received the 80% Frame casting that I'll be using for the next project. It isn't quite what I had hoped for, but it should be ok after I do some clean-up. $$$ -

December 23 - Ok, guess it's time to get moving on this 80% commander project. So today I'll try to cut the frame rails ..........- $$$details

December 27 - Time to finish the fitting of the slide to the frame. Today I'll be doing the final fitting and lapping. - $$$ - details

January 9 - Time to see what all the fuss is I want to try to fit the barrel to the slide. Not exactly sure what I'm doing, but I'll just try to "wing-it" - details

January 10 -  Install and blend a new high hold grip safety - $$$ - details

January 11 - I need to do something about this ugly's time to give it a nice new finish before we stake the plunger tube and ejector. - details

January 16 - Now that I understand the correct sequence of events, I can go ahead and install the plunger tube. - $$$ - details

January 17 - I am finally ready to install the ejector. I had to back-track to get the steps right. But the time has come. - $$$ - details

January 28 - Time to lower the ejection port. I'm going to try something new this time too. - details

February 5 - A very short section today that details flaring the ejector port. I already covered this in detail during the Sistema project, but lets do it again. - details

February 5 - Time to try something new. I'll be installing a stake on front sight on this project so that I can port the slide and barrel. - $$$ - details

February 6 - The most challenging modification to date (well for me anyways). Today I decided to Port the slide and barrel (V-10 style). Time to really test the Griz. - $$$ - details

February 8 - Today's project is a real snazzie little custom touch. I'm going to try to Jewel the barrel hood and make it look like a rifle bolt. This is cool stuff - $$$ - details

February 11 - I am combining 2 details into today's write-up. So today I'm going to try to install the rear sight and re-finish the slide. - details

February 13 - Well after much debate and back-n-forth I decided to checker the front strap. It was a tough decision but I just had to have it hahaha. - details

February 15 - It's getting pretty close to the end now, but I still have to Tune the Ejector and a few other odds and ends. So today, that's what I'm doing. - details

February 26 - It's time for the final fitting of all the small parts pins springs etc.....let's see if the parts manufacturers are telling the truth when they say "Drop In" - details