So, how far have we gotten?

0% AR-15 Carbine  Project

I'll post links to all the pictures and articles here on this page and try to keep everything easy to find. This page will act as the table of contents and the timeline for our whole project. You can keep track of the cost by looking for the little $$$ links scattered about. Or go directly to the tally page by clicking on the link "Show Me the Money"

Full Details and Video available on RCG-TV Season  #1

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May 15 - It's that time again......but this project will be a little different from the other ones. The sequence of events had to be slightly changed. You'll understand why in a few moments. - details

May 21 - The list of Tools and a discussion of different ways to go with the tooling is the topic of today's write-up. - details

June 4 - Time to break out the tools and get down to business. Today's write-up will discuss drilling the the holes in our forging. - details  (RCG-TV Episode 1)

June 18 - This section will go over the rear buffer area including holes and planing it to the final dimensions. - details (RCG-TV Episode 2)

June 25 - Let's tackle the hard part......Broaching the magwell without having an EDM machine or a broach, should be fun. - details (RCG-TV Episode 3)



What's Next?........... Broach the magwell.....

Still to come: