So, how far have we gotten? 

We now have 3 separate Projects in the works, so this page will link you to the project you are interested in. The original project was building 2 Sistema 1911's. Then came the 80% Commander project. The next one is going on now, building an AR-15 from a 0% raw forging.......

How Can I help ?

SISTEMA PROJECT - Building a matched pair of custom 1911's out of "Box-Stock" 1927 Mil-Spec Sistemas....Lots of fun (Project Complete)

80% COMMANDER  PROJECT - Using an 80% frame casting to create a commander length custom carry gun...........(Project Complete)

0% AR-15 Carbine - Our next project will be to build an AR-15 flat top carbine with all the bells and whistles out of a 0% Raw aluminum forging (a hunk of metal basically)....should be a hoot.(OK......Let's roll.......)

ODDS AND ENDS - A collection of mini-projects that you may be interested in during the break between major projects.(on-going)


What's planned for future projects? (2006 - 2007)

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