Some of my favorite Sites.

Suppliers for this project - A list of all suppliers used during this project. If you're looking for information on where to get an item you read about on this site, the supplier will be listed here. - A great site for discussing the Colt 1911 and it's many clones. Also a valuable place to find answers to tough 1911 questions. Lots of really great people here.

The 1911A1 Site - More information than you could ever hope for. Everything about the M1911A1, and a great online store (including the hard-to-find) Kuhnhausen manuals

Blind Hogg - The inspiration for my site. C. Williams's excellent tutorials web site. He walks you through the steps and discusses the tools needed to accomplish many of the most common 1911 modifications. Highly recommended. - The webs biggest bestest place to find what you wanna know about the good ole Colt 1911