What's taking him so Long?

I'll update this page with the current status of the project from time-to-time. 

If I get delayed for any reason I usually get bombarded with e-mails asking what's taking so long (spoiled rotten aren't we? hahahaha).....So this page will be a public notice section that I can use whenever I run into a snag or a delay that will last more than a few days.......

March 4, 2003- Status

RCG-TV Season 2 is underway !!

Howdy folks.....

Yippeee!!. We are finally back on track after a 4 month nightmare at my day-job....I was just starting to think I would never get back in the shop (bet you were thinking the same thing huh?) Well it's been a real adventure here at the PvtRyan household. A new Home, a new workshop, and new studio, new equipment and new projects and soon a new recruit.....I really don't know where to start......hmmmm, guess I'll start at the beginning.

I had just finished the interview scripts and gotten my ShotShow badges in the mail. I was getting a steady stream of incoming letters of authorization from some really great companies that had agreed to an interview for our 2003 Shotshow coverage......well I needed a serious camera for this adventure (those little palm sized ones don't look professional) so I made a mad dash to secure a camera that would be worthy of "broadcast news". I found a deal on a used one and started selling off everything I owned to come up with the money to get the camera before the big event. I already had my press credentials approved and had sent in a number of approval letters. 

In the eleventh hour, the money finally came in and I got the camera. Now all that was left to do was go do it !!! 

Then SCREEEECH.....we came to a complete halt. I tell you gang I can't remember ever being so low and depressed......I got a call from a guy at the NSSF (the shotshow organizers) Paul Erhardt. This was only 2 days before the show and this guy called and read me the riot act man......he had checked out the website and decided that it just had to be illegal making your own firearms. He didn't just say that he was revoking our press passes, he went deeper and even compared me to the Beltway Sniper. He explained how the NSSF spends millions of dollars each year defending against lawsuits like the sniper incident and said he didn't want me there for fear of more lawsuits for letting an evil-doer like me into his beloved show. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was in total shock......I mean, there is so little media coverage given to PRO-GUN views and here was a guy from the NSSF (supposedly a Pro-Gun group) that was telling me that my show and website are evil and "militia like". Not the type of group he wants around. He even said that he knew that I used "little camcorders" and they would be easy to hide, but that I better not try that.....I just about lost it.....I couldn't believe he was talking to me that way. He doesn't even know me and yet he was  immediately conviced that I was somehow dishonest.

As if that wasn't bad enough......I got to the show (with a normal pass not press pass becuase I'm an FFL) and while I was there I met up with an exhibitor that REALLY wanted to do the interview, I mean they were bummed out about not getting to be on the show. This company makes 1911 frames and can sell them in 80% configuration, so their exact perfect target audience would be the veiwers of RCG-TV.....well they went right up to the press office and explained the situation to a woman named Betty that was manning the press counter. Betty agreed to issue credentials right there on the spot so that their exhibitor could get the coverage that they wanted (and had paid for I might add). So the guy calls me on my cell phone while I'm walking around the show and asks me to come back by his booth. I did and he explained that my credentials were waiting for me in the press office upstairs and all I needed to do was ask for Betty and show my ID.

I went up to the press office and Betty was busy. Another guy came up and asked if he could help me. I explained that I was here to pick up my credentials and said that Betty was working with the exhibitor. The guy turned to Betty and she said "Yeah, they were just up here, the papers are over there on my desk" Then another man overheard this and stepped in...He said "I'll handle this one..." Guess who? Yep it was Paul Erhardt. He immediately started up where he left off on the phone and made it very clear that we were NOT welcome here. He kept on making reference to the special coverage episode we did on the 4th of July at the machinegun shoot. I think at this point it had nothing at all to do with policy or anything else....he was simply being stuburn and wanted to show that "he's the man" . The interviews never did happen and we got ZERO footage of the shot show for you. I'm sorry guys I think you really would have liked it.

That was my shotshow experience. To heck with em......Even without the shot show coverage season 2 is gonna ROCK baby !! Just wait and see. So do any of our many RCG-TV field reporters want to do a news story about Paul Erhadt of the NSSF ?? Might be interesting.........hahaha.

Take care all !!

Let me know what you think