FREE Season One Video Downloads

Download the First Season videos from RCG-TV (The AR-15 project). Save the videos to your hard drive and watch them as often as you like for FREE.....or purchase your own digitally mastered copy on DVD, Video-CD or VHS tape here.

Click on the link, and then select "SAVE" when the pop-up window appears. Save the file to a folder on your hard drive and then un-zip the file to view it. ENJOY!!!

High Bandwidth Version:

Premiere Episode (High Bandwidth) - 11.5 MB

Episode One (High Bandwidth) - 14.5 MB

Episode Two (High Bandwidth) - 15.7 MB

Episode Three (High Bandwidth) - 15.9 MB

Episode Four (High Bandwidth) - 15.3 MB

Episode Five (High Bandwidth) - 14.2 MB

Episode Six (High Bandwidth) - 10.6 MB


Low Bandwidth Version:

Coming soon.......